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Collaboration:  New resources for churches in tough economic times

 Many congregations find that they can accomplish more through cooperation than competition. One can even make the argument that collaboration follows the spirit of the New Testament churches.  On a practical level, collaboration can help churches concentrate more resources on mission and less on maintenance.

This site started in 2009 to share research conducted by ChurchFuture for a cluster of churches that asked ChurchFuture for help in exploring their options. We found that information about collaborations is scattered and difficult to pull together. We also found very little objective data about the success rate of collaborations. We were happily surprised, however, at the creativity we found in congregations throughout the United States.

The site is also based on the experience of Dave Raymond as a coach or consultant to 20 collaboration that involved 49 congregations, as well as his experience working with over 50 additional congregations on vitality, leadership, and renewal.

The site also shares our experience with the track record of various forms of collaboration. We found that some collaborations that seem to be the most appealing during the talking phase are the hardest to put into action, and we found little-known forms of collaboration that work amazingly well.

The site includes information from both mainline and evangelical churches, but the perspective of is primarily mainline protestant. Most of the data on congregations comes from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the United Methodist Church.

How to use this site

The next nine pages describe nine options or models for collaboration. Each option includes a description, some case study information, and the information we have about the track record of the option. The Resources pages includes several articles and guides, most of which you can download from this site. The How-to-Guide can help you start to explore the possibilities of collaboration with your own congregation.

Share your story with others

Has your congregation been involved in a collaboration? Do you know of examples and resources that we haven't covered?  Send a note to this site to share your story with this site so other churches can learn from your experiences--positive or not so positive. Share your questions as well.

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